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The Canadian Hispanic Village Housing Co-operative (“CHVHC”) was originally constructed circa 1992. City green space is located to the north of the complex.

The CHVHC consists of a total of 11 buildings, each consisting of varying numbers of single-family units. There are 62, two-storey townhouses with owner-developed and undeveloped basements; two of which are barrier free accessible units. Out of these units, 34 contain three bedrooms, 21 contain four bedrooms, and seven contain five bedrooms. There is a two-storey double communal unit within one of the townhouse buildings (Unit 89) and is used as the general office and community hall. The buildings are wood framed structures with stucco cladding, cast-in-place concrete foundations, and pitched roofing. There is an asphalt-paved drive lane, Las Americas Villas NE, providing access to the buildings and at-grade parking in front of each unit.

There are a total of 105 parking spaces.

In the center of the buildings there are two garbage enclosures, a playground set, and asphalt surfaced basketball court.


We do not have any unit available at present but accepting membership applications. Please visit our page “Application Process” and read “How to Become a Member” and apply accordingly.